Blog Diet Staple: Subway’s Veggie Max (formerly GardenBurger) on Wheat

The Subway Veggie Max

The Veggie Max. Its more than just lettuce and less than a BMT. It’s the compromise food solution. And it’s actually pretty good and very filling.

The consensus seems to be that a 6″ Veggie Max has around 390 calories. All I know is that it has to be better for you than the cold cut combo. And way better than a Big Mac.

And it’s great with Tabasco Brand pepper sauce.

So if you’re hungry and don’t know what to eat, you might want to eat this. Or, you could just eat a salad.


Photo: Copyright 2007 Bear Clause


3 responses to “Blog Diet Staple: Subway’s Veggie Max (formerly GardenBurger) on Wheat

  1. so sauce i was onboard with you for awhile but the veggie burger? really? looks appetizing enough but what would michael pollan say? doesn’t look too much like food to me…

  2. I live in the Denver metro area of Colorado and had only recently discovered the existence of subway’s delicious veggie max/veggie patty subs. Now just about all of the local subway stores in my (Lakewood) neighborhood are suddenly either out of that sandwich or it or no longer carry it. Is subway in the process of discontinuing this sandwich?? Shoulda figured it was too good a product to go over well with the general (veggie hostile) buying peasantry…

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