A Moment To Think

Cairo Food Crisis

You know, it’s all well and good that I can blog about food and exercise – trying to figure out how to lose weight and decide what not to eat. Not everyone has this “problem.” A good portion of the world (if given the time) would blog about what their next meal might be if there was both the money available and if the food was even there.

The only reason I can write on this blog is because I’m lucky to be in the United States. Around the world there is a food crisis. You’ve probably heard about the UN meeting in Rome this week to talk about it. Here is a fine interactive piece on the Global Food Crisis from the Guardian. I found the Egypt profile of particular interest (video above).



One response to “A Moment To Think

  1. A fitting and timely comment indeed Sauce… especially on this the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy who brought to the nation’s attention the degree of hunger that exists in this country, one of the world’s richest. And while U.S. hunger rates pale in comparsion to those of say Zimbabwe, where the World Food Program estimates that 45% of the population suffers from chronic malnourishment, it is astounding to think that nearly 11% of Americans are what the USDA calls food insecure – meaning they are uncertain of having or unable to acquire enough food to feed their families.

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