Blog Diet Tip #3 – Chew Your Food


Do I  want my salad what?  Chopped?  No, thanks, I think I’ll do the chewing on my own and I enthusiastically recommend you do the same.  Just think of all the calories you’ll burn and muscles you’ll build from this simple exercise that you can repeat throughout the day!

Another, perhaps, fairly obvious blog diet tip is to keep your salad simple – maybe limit it to no more than 4 ingredients and always order your dressing on the side.  By the time you add in the bacon, egg, cheddar and sundried tomato, throw in some garbanzo beans, croutons and carrots and THEN douse it in dressing, you’re probably better off eating a Big Mac and fries.    Personally, I always go for a spinach salad with some beets, goat cheese and walnuts with maybe some raisins and O&V on the side.  Not only is it delicious, the beets make it uber nutritious!


One response to “Blog Diet Tip #3 – Chew Your Food

  1. Jermoir Saucier

    A very good Blog Diet tip Agent Merlot – about time you contributed to our little endeavour.

    I would also add a Saucier Side Note (TM) – make your salads as colourful as possible. Throw in some reds and yellows and different shades of green in there and you’re pretty certain to be getting healthy bang for your salad buck.

    Still don’t know what it is with you and beets.

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