Blog Diet Tip # 16: Take The Stairs

One of the tenants of the Blog Diet is doing a little more than you have to.  When presented with an escalator, elevator, or stairs you should opt to take the stairs.  If you just see stairs, take two at a time.  Will you break a sweat?  Well, unless you are climbing a Mayan temple or work on the 28th floor of an office building chances are you won’t be perspiring much.  But what you will be doing is setting a standard which you can unconsciously apply to your other activities.

Say you are on the treadmill.  You can set it for 45 minutes or if you follow the “take the stairs principle”  you might set it for 50 minutes.  By doing a little more you get a lot more out.  It’s not much but cumulatively you can see where I’m going with this.

And if you want to apply this tip to other aspects of your life you’ll benefit as well.  Do a bit more than you have to and you’ll eventually be pretty surprised at what you can accomplish.


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