I Call Shenanigans. Juice OK.

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Yesterday Martha Edwards posted the following on the “health and fitness blog” That’s Fit:

We often forget about soda’s equally harmful cousin, juice. Sure, juice contains nutrients that soda is missing, but they share a number one ingredient: sugar. It might even be fair to say that juice is merely a type of non-fizzy soda aimed at children. [link]

Um.  Soda comes from a factory.  Juice comes from trees (bushes too).  And I like juice so I’ve got juice’s back on this one.  Of course look to see that it is actually juice. (I call double shenanigans on Martha’s weak response that “Kool-aid counts as juice.”  I don’t think so.  And I think kids understand the difference between fruit juice and fruit drink.  Juice tastes like a fruit while drink tastes like a color. Remember those green foil capped containers of purple, green, red, and orange drinks?  I think they’re basically un-frozen freeze pops, myself.)

Juice bad for you?  I don’t think so. Make sure it’s juice and isn’t loaded with extra sweeteners and don’t drink a gallon a day and you’ll be fine.  But a glass here and there over the course of a day?  Tasty and nutritious.

Juice: Definitely a valued part of The Blog Diet.


One response to “I Call Shenanigans. Juice OK.

  1. Um, hate to break it to you, but Juice out of a container is not as healthy as you attribute it to be. The vitamins in most juices from the grocery store are added. Most of the vitamins in juices are destroyed by the heat from the juicing process itself, or time. So the manufacturers actually add vitamins: which are more difficult for the body to absorb.

    The way to retain the benefits of drinking juice is with a low heat producing juicer, and then to drink it within 10 minutes of juicing.

    So, in fact, while Juice is not detrimental to your health the way soda is, it’s generally not all that nutritious.

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