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Blog Diet Tip # 17: Setting Achievable Goals


Setting a goal that is achievable is one of the cornerstones of The Blog Diet. That goal could be anything, whether it is cutting down the number of buffalo wings you eat from 12 to 6 at a sitting or using less salt. If you set small goals that you can reasonably achieve but still take some thought and conscious effort then in the aggregate those small goals will build up to your main one.

On May 26th I set a goal to lose 5 pounds by June 26th. That’s 5 pounds in a month, a reasonable amount of weight in a reasonable amount of time. After I set that goal I then embarked on a workout routine and decided what I was and was not going to eat to help me lose the weight. Here is my progress so far:

As you can see, The Blog Diet is working! I’m still far away from my ultimate goal of getting down to 170, have a 31 to 32 inch waist and maintaining those stats for the long haul, but I am getting there.

So set a goal, and go for it. You can do it.


Blog Diet Tip #73: A Soundtrack

Both Albums

I like listening to music during my exercise routine – whether it’s the elliptical, outdoor running, or break dancing in a subway station. What all of those activities have in common is a soundtrack.

I think the Editors are my top pick right now for awesome music to listen to while pushing your body more than it wants to be pushed. A good 3/4 of both albums feature high tempo get your body moving beats while the remaining quarter are a bit slower but not ballad slow. I have no preference as to in which order I listen to the songs (though I usually start with The Back Room over An End Has A Start) and one great thing about both albums is that if you put them on a playlist and then shuffle that playlist, it’s still gonna be awesome to listen to. However, its especially gratifying when French Disco comes on during a hard part or near the end of the workout if only so you can say in your head (or outloud) “La Resistance!”

If you haven’t checked out this band, go for it. This isn’t a music review but if you like Interpol, U2, Joy Division (other peoples’ comparisons) you’ll probably like or already have listened to Editors.

I’m not endorsing one type of music over another (in fact, I’ve also been exercising to Sa Dingding lately as well, which is pretty far removed from Editor’s style indie rock). What I am endorsing is finding some sounds that get your feet moving and your mind focused on pushing beyond your limits. It helps me at least.