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I Call Shenanigans. Juice OK.

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Yesterday Martha Edwards posted the following on the “health and fitness blog” That’s Fit:

We often forget about soda’s equally harmful cousin, juice. Sure, juice contains nutrients that soda is missing, but they share a number one ingredient: sugar. It might even be fair to say that juice is merely a type of non-fizzy soda aimed at children. [link]

Um.  Soda comes from a factory.  Juice comes from trees (bushes too).  And I like juice so I’ve got juice’s back on this one.  Of course look to see that it is actually juice. (I call double shenanigans on Martha’s weak response that “Kool-aid counts as juice.”  I don’t think so.  And I think kids understand the difference between fruit juice and fruit drink.  Juice tastes like a fruit while drink tastes like a color. Remember those green foil capped containers of purple, green, red, and orange drinks?  I think they’re basically un-frozen freeze pops, myself.)

Juice bad for you?  I don’t think so. Make sure it’s juice and isn’t loaded with extra sweeteners and don’t drink a gallon a day and you’ll be fine.  But a glass here and there over the course of a day?  Tasty and nutritious.

Juice: Definitely a valued part of The Blog Diet.